Spazio Genio S.r.l is the market leader in Interior Design for the Food Service industry. The company is renowned for its high quality standards and outstanding care for details, which allow them to develop customer-centered projects with design solutions that valorize the features of the location while still maintaining the focus on service efficiency, hospitality and optimal merchandising based on a clear and impactful layout.
A team of qualified experts specialized in Interior Design for the Food Service industry that is at the side of entrepreneurs to create unique locations, thanks to carefully chosen materials, lighting, furniture, and counters that ensure high performance in line with latest technologies and captivating designs.
Balance, clarity, subtle elegance, care for details, the ability to create a comfortable atmosphere for patrons: these are the objectives that at Spazio Genio

Spaziogenio Azienda

we set out at the onset of every project – and these are also the results that we unfailingly achieve.
The multitude of projects developed by Spazio Genio, despite the variety of design and technological solutions, are characterized by a distinctive trait – almost like a brand – the unmistakeable “signature” of those who designed and produced them: simplicity, creativity, technology and design.



We remain at the customer’s side from the first meeting to the final delivery of the project, supporting in any need from renovations to branding, from permits to financing.
We see the customer as a partner, not just as a buyer: we believe that achieving the desired outcome will deliver satisfaction and growth to both parties.


In-depth analysis of interiors and exteriors, research of materials, assessment of the customer’s needs, merchandising optimization to obtain the best results in terms of sales, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Arredamenti interni su misura per ristorante Spaziogenio


In compliance with the agreements made with the customer, our Production Department assembles the furniture with unparalleled care and attention to details for showcase to the customer before the delivery.


Because our carpenters have personally produced the furniture, they are able to efficiently install it and deliver a ready-to-go shop in no time.