Spazio Genio s.r.l was born in the 80’s to satisfy the pleasure of decorating shops that want to break the mold without ever forgetting proportions and warmth of a food business.

Creativity is a natural gift, innate in our ideas from the first drawings to the end of the project.
Spazio Genio has an expert team that knows how to find win-win solutions for professionals of food sector.

Our specialties:
Furnishings for bakeries and coffee shops: add a restaurant service in a bakery is like provide one more gear to a car. The problem is driving it fast and this is not for everyone…but we are Italian! Initiative is in our DNA!

Furnishings for pastry shops: elegance and no frills to valorise a high quality product, this is the secret to build a successful business. We are Italian! Elegance is in our blood!

Restaurant sector: create modern environments is important but ensure that they are comfortable and that make you feel at home is even better. The customer should feel relax with no oppression by an excessively glitzy environment but maintaining an original touch. We are Italian! Creativity is our natural gift!